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Insurance Terms


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6.this means you pay the same amount for the entire term of the policy
7.amount you pay monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually to purchase different types of insurance.
10.method used to evaluate the wisdom of a financial decision by determining the length of time it will take for the cost of the decision to be recouped.
12.in regards to health insurance, paying a set amount per medical visit
14.type of insurance designed to replace income lost due to death; traditionally two types: term and cash value
15.portion of auto insurance that covers losses due to vehicle damage in an accident
16.covers you in the event of illness or injury
18.applies to the amount of protection you have through an insurance company in the even of a loss.
19.Health Savings Account, a health insurance plan for self-employed people containing a large deductible.
22.type of insurance that provides coverage for accidents, damages and losses in a rental or dormitory. Renter's insurance provides coverage for personal belongings and liability that may occur from an accident in the insured home.
24.policy that protects an individual in the event of a lawsuit due to injury on one's personal property or as the result of an automobile accident
25.paperwork filed with an insurance company in order to get them to cover a loss
26.part of homeowner's insurance policy that pays a percentage beyond the insured price of the home for purposes of rebuilding it in the event of a catastrophic loss.
28.premiums include a death benefit and to plan to build savings
30.insurance policy that pays off the remaining balance of the insured person's mortgage at death
32.amount of time that lapses after a disabling event before the insurance company begins to pay benefits
33.disability insurance designed to replace lost income for a period of five years or greater
35.life insurance coverage for a specified period of time
36.the recipient of assets passed on from the death of a friend or relative.
37.what you have to pay
38.type of insurance that provides an income in case the insured becomes unable to perform the job he/she was educated or trained to do
1.part of identity theft insurance that assigns a counselor to clean up the mess made when your identity was stolen
2.total out of pocket expense for health insurance
3.type of insurance that contains a low-yield savings plan within the insurance policy; more expensive than term life insurance.
4.disabilities that are ongoing and are not expected to end
5.the amount an insurance company will pay before you are dropped from coverage.
8.type of life insurance that is similar to cash value, but buys into mutual funds to project better returns.
9.type of life insurance policy, similar to cash value, but with better projected returns.
11.amount you have to pay out of pocket for expenses before the insurance company will begin to cover all of a portion of the remaining costs.
13.high-limit insurance policy that acts as a protective covering over your home and car insurance against liability caused by an accident
17.policy that covers the cost of nursing home or in home care; recommended for everyone over age 60
20.minimal period of incapacitation; often used to describe an insurance policy that insures one's income for the immediate future following an incapacitating event.
21.part of homeowner's insurance policy that pays for the full cost of replacing damaged property without a deduction for depreciation and without a dollar limit.
23.policy that covers a loss due to damage, theft, or injury within one's home.
27.insurance to protect a car owner in the event of an accident or damage to a vehicle.
29.pays for damage to your car that is not a result of an accident
31.condition of wealth at which time one no longer needs an outside insurance policy to cover a loss
34.describes the type of coverage in an insurance agreement

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