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Literature Review


1 2 3 4
    7 8                   9        
11 12                               13      
15         16         17 18
      19                               20    
  21                       22     23  
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    29           30 31   32              
  36 37             38      
  40                           41     42      
  43                       44                  
46           47                             48

5.revered her father
8.thought she had found "prince charming"
9.desired to be married and have love in his life
12.lost her favorite child
13.duped and murdered by Kate
15.Balram was afraid of
19.Dorian met Lord Henry here
20.Samuel's daughter who may have killed herself
21.Ruth May is also known as
24.author of The White Tiger
25.phrase translated by Nathan incorrectly
26.asked for a purple egg
29.her name means "star"
32.the town where Blanche was no longer welcome
34.author of The Poisonwood Bible
35.last name changed from Ames to
37.hopelessly bad
40.her name means white woods
42.beloved character in East of Eden
43.symbol of wealth and light in The White Tiger
44.Blanche's beautiful dream
46.born in Ireland
47.revealed the identity of Cal's mother
49.most of DG takes place here
50.temptation and ______ is a theme in DG
1.symbol of vanity and American culture
2.the portrait is a symbol of Dorian's
3.wanted to avenge his sister's death
4.Blanche's profession before she was fired
6.attempted blackmail
7.insanity is a subject explored by
8.a man named ________ told Stanley all about Blanche's past
10.only scene titled in Streetcar is called
11.helped the Price daughters learn Congolese culture
14.assasinated by the US government
16.vocabulary word meaning stupid
18.became the master of drivers
22.lacked class and polish but good at games
23.loved palindromes
27.wished to escape the Congo at any price
28.John Steinbeck's mother
30.had four sons
31.Charles and Cathy both had one
33.Lord Henry used Dorian to exert his____
35.the devil saviour
36.actions and _______ is a major theme in literature
38.Ruth May played this game
39.Orleanna was married at age
41.Nathan's purpose for going to the Congo
45.symbolic for the desire to be cleansed of sin
48.Charles died of an ailment to the

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