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Process Excellence Crossword 1

First Crossword

2     3
4 5  
6   7 8 9        
11                 12

2.What is Six Sigma methodology for designing a new process
9.5 Steps of Six Sigma
10.What is the 80/20 rule known as
11.A fish bone diagram is also known as
13.Lean manufacturing was first introduced by THIS COMPANY
14.Independent variables determines the outcome of the dependent variable
1.This is a 5 step process to keep your workplace organized
3.A TOOL summarizing Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs & Customers
4.Risk Priority Number is a part of WHAT EXERCISE (short form)
5.Non Value Add is a term from WHICH Process Excellence methodology
6.This is a measure of central tendency
7.This company centralized Six Sigma into their business strategy
8.Synonym phrase for Mistake Proofing
9.This Indian Supply chain's process is a worldwide used case study for Six Sigma
12.A Japanese word meaning 'A change for the good'

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