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Meant to Bee

Tiffany & Antoine

1 2 3
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7                               8
10 11    
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4.What is the singer Beyonce known as?
5.Where did the couple meet?
7.What are the names of Tiffany's Maid of Honor's? (2names)
9.What is the happy couple last name?
12.What is Tiffany's favorite movie?
15.What does Antoine do for a living?
16.What is the name of their youngest child?
17.What kind of food is being served at the reception?
18.What school did Tiffany graduate from?
1.Who is older Tiffany or Antoine?
2.What animal is involved in the theme?
3.What are the names of Tiffany's and Antoine's mothers? (2names)
6.What is Tiffany's favorite color?
8.What kind of flowers are in the floral arrangements?
10.How many children do they have?
11.What is the theme of the wedding? (3words)
12.How many best men does Tony have?
13.What is the color of the wedding?
14.What kind of limo did they arrive in?

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