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Year 7 Science Revision

Tim Clarke

Year 7 revision using Fusion 1 textbook Ryan et al

1 2   3       4
6     7         8
9             10                          
11 12       13       14        
15             16                      
      18     19       20          
21               22         23
  24                       25              
  27   28    
30     31   32                  
          33     34      
36       37          
  38       39           40 41          
43                 44   45            
    47 48          
      49             50
52                 53          

2.controls a cell
5.indicator used to test pH
7.type of electrical circuit
9.used to measure current
10.yeast does this in wine making
12.born feet first is a ......... birth
14.they reproduce by making spores
15.carries genetic information to the egg. A ......... cell.
16.test for carbon dioxide
18.magnet that works using electricity, a coil and a core
21.another name for sex cells
24.used to get salt from seawater (name of the process)
25.microbe that causes disease
26.metal used to make blood
30.fuels burn and release heat and ?
32.describes something that burns easily
33.liquid part of a solution
35.scientific word for burning
36.magnets push apart
38.lens just above specimen on microscope
41.narrow opening from vagina into the uterus
43.contains cell sap in a plant cell
44.food and oxygen passed to growing baby through the...............
46.a force caused by gravity
48.forms a scab
49.metal found in bones
52.this opposes a force / movement and can be a problem
53.male part of a flower
54.warning sign with a skull means......
55.energy from the Sun
1.system where food is broken down
3.used to separate colours in a dye
4.bag that contains the testes
6.gas that causes global warming?
8.methylene blue is one of these
11.pH of 7
13.jelly-like liquid in a cell
17.blood discharge from vagina during a period
19.contains chlorophyll
20.these are found on the left side of the periodic table
22.solid added to a liquid to make a solution
23.......... dish is used for growing bacteria
27.word to describe how gases spread out
28.used to separate sand from seawater
29.iron, cobalt, nickel, steel
31.metal + acid produces salt + ?
34.particles do not 'shake' they ?
37.can be poured and takes shape of bottom part of container
39.speeds up a chemical reaction but does not get used up itself
40.upwards force in water
42.bone in forearm
45.pH higher than 7
47.another name for a nerve cell
50.a pole
51.energy is measured in (name of unit)

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