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2                 3 4 5
6       7    
    8           9   10                        
        12                     13                    
14                           15                    
    17       18                            
19             20   21         22   23
        24                         25    
26                               27                    
28                       29    
  31                     32        
          33     34      
  36             37   38   39                      
    42                       43 44 45
47         48                      
50                           51  
      52 53     54 55                
56   57   58                   59                        
    62     63 64    
65                 66             67  
                68 69                
  70                               71          

2.something confusing
8.to slow down
10.not in the right order
12.a friendship
13.having to have conditions be met
14.child developing skills at a young age
15.being something that is annoying
18.having no consequences afterwards
19.to feel somebodies not trustworthy
24.To put something off for a different time
26.To surrender to somebody
27.To work together
28.To feel bad for someone or something
30.being done quickly
31.Being very vulgar
36.preparing for the future
39.something that is going to happen
40.Something really loud
42.an educated guess
46.Being careful with money
48.someone you can’t trust
49.to prove wrong
50.being mean
55.A leader who agrees with everyone
58.Somebody who changes when their government asks
59.Doing something in a way that is reasonable
60.someone who is different
61.being very smart
65.the star status to be
69.having to government trying to persuade you
70.In a piece of work straying away from the topic.
71.A refuge or a place for mentally insane.
73.making someone feel drained
74.Dry or hot
75.pleasure is the most important thing in life
76.To be alone
77.A hyperbole of something.
1.Someone who makes speeches or is a public speaker
2.the amount something holds
3.Being something common
4.To think you’re better than others
5.To restore a relationship
6.being very dried out
7.Causing damage
9.self control
11.Somebody appearing to be relaxed
16.To be able to see into the future
17.Moving from peoples memory
20.something not normal
21.Pretending to be all that
22.being smart with your money
23.To make something more calm
25.Having no significance
26.To work together.
29.to symbolize something unwanted
32.being smart with your money
33.to have great success
34.felling really good
35.doing something courageous without feeling humiliation.
37.To feel sorrow for somebody.
38.Something by accident
41.Lasting for not long
43.How something looks.
44.To not do something
45.Being incredibly smart
46.To care for
47.Being very stressed
51.having a lasting time
52.The state of converging
53.something that is friendly
54.To show spite for something
56.someone who is very fearless
57.Something hard
62.Showing hope for one side
63.Having courage during bad times
64.Being incredibly rich
66.To complain in an annoying way
67.To keep yourself from doing something
68.To reproduce in a different manner
72.having a red complexion

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