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1 2       3                
7                   8
10 11                
  13                   14

2.advanced, complicated, elaborate
4.The thing on which some belife or way of lie is based.
5.You decide or say that it is not important enough for you to think about or consider.
6.When a business or society is ~, there is little activity or change.
7.Drought has brought misery and death to the area for the fifth ~ year.
11.Services provided by the government or state, such as the supply of electricity and gas, or the train network.
13.The match had to be cancelled due to ~ weather.
16.Someone such as a politician who is responsible for proposing and passing new laws
17.to rely or depend on
18.produce, create, make
19.The ~ talks between the two banks are underway.
1.the sums of money that you earn by working; return, revenue, gain
3.A powerful businessman who owns or controls large industrial companies or factories.
5.a ~ of , meaning that it contains many very different elements.
8.lively, energetic, vigorous
9.twice weekly or once every two weeks
10.refer to people or things that are less important than similar people or things
12.If you agree to do something, you say that you will do it.
14.total, full, whole
15.You put your arms around them and hold them tightly, usually in order to show your love or affection for them

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