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The Solar System Review

Mrs. VH

1 2 3
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42 43   44                    
        49   50                
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54               55   56                
58       59              

6.the Danish astronomer that made observations to show that planets don't orbit in complete circles
9.the process that transfers energy in the middle layer of the sun
10.He said the orbits of planets were ellipses
12.reddish loops of gas on the sun
13.this astronomer finally had enough evidence to prove that heliocentricism was correct
14.patterns of stars named by the Greeks
16.Venus has ___ similar to our moon
20.many of these melted trying to explore Venus
21.the photosphere give off this
22.95% of Mars's atmopshere is this gas
23.there is a concentration of these structures between Mars and Jupiter
26.a moon of Mars
27.this process creates the energy of the sun
29.the color Mars is known for
32.sun centered solar system
33.region of asteroids found beyond Neptune's orbit
35.planet with no moons, no seasons, and is Earth's twin
36.areas of cooler gas on the sun's surface
37.only has an atmosphere when closest to the sun
38.number of parts of the sun's atmosphere
39.Earth is at the center of the SS
44.largest volcano in the SS
46.weather system on Neptune
47.the corona of the sun gradually thins into streams of electrically charged particles called this
48.they contain ice, liquid water, dust, and rock
50.these animals can survive under high pressure
51.this layer of the atmosphere is blocked during a solar eclipse
54.the name of the space probes that have tested soil on Mars
56.the moon of Saturn that has ice geysers
57.when our atmosphere is charged by the electric current from the solar winds
58.evidence of stream beds has been found on which planet
59.since the sunspots don't move across the surface of the sun, that indicates the sun ____
1.a moon of Mars
2.it can take this many years for the energy to move through the radiation zone
3.the poles of Mars have these landforms
4.planet that orbits on its side
5.largest feature on Mercury
7.outermost layer of the sun
8.storm on Jupiter
11.Polish astronomer that determined the arrangement of the planets
15.formed when prominences connect and release magnetic energy
17.the core of the sun reaches ___ million degrees Celsius
18.USA spacecraft made a flyby of Venus in 1998
19.largest of Jupiter's moons, contains active volcanoes
24.moon of Pluto
25.deepest, longest valley in the SS
28.Greek that developed heliocentricism
30.this moon may have liquid water under its icy crust
31.largest moon in the SS
34.Greek who believed in geocentricism and ideas lasted for 1500 years
40.middle layer of the sun's atmosphere
41.the ____ condition states the favorable conditions of life
42.rocks found in ____ may have come from Mars
43.because Mars has tilted axis it has these
45.the discoverer of Uranus
48.outer layer of the sun's atmosphere
49.gas that makes some planets appear blue
52.Galileo discovered this aspect of Saturn
53.all living things are made of one or more of these
55.fuzzy cloud around the nucleus of a comet

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