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Hypertension Review

Dr. Maki

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1.If a patient has a blood pressure of 136/102 mm Hg, it would be categorized as stage_____ hypertension
5.This beta-blocker is considered to be highly lipophilic and is also used for migraine prophylaxis
10.Avoid this class of antihypertensives in patients with Raynauds
13.This medication from the Pre-Class document, should not be used in patients with known renal artery stenosis
16.This medication can cause drug induced lupus
17.This substance which can increase blood pressure, is often contained in OTC headache preparations
18.An ADR attributable to spironolactone
20.This OTC class may increase blood pressure due to constriction of the afferent arteriole in the kidney
22.This rarely used antihypertension medication has been associated with suicidal ideation
23.This antihypertensive is also used for cosmetic purposes due to a known ADR
24.This immunosuppressant has been associated with drug induced hypertension
25.Losartan loves _______
27.This ACE Inhibitor has the shortest half-life
29.This American race has the highest incidence of hypertension
30.This intervention is considered a primary or first line treatment strategy for all patients with hypertension
31.Common ADR of ACE inhibitors that is not serious but often leads to discontinuation
2.This is the preferred route of administration for patients with hypertensive urgency
3.This subclass of calcium channel blockers is preferred when patients are taking beta-blockers
4.This is a common side effect with the use of non-dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers
6.This medication (Brand name) is used in patients with CKD but can cause drug induced hypertension
7.This uncommonly used blood pressure medication is considered first line therapy for the treatment of hypertension in pregnancy
8.This salt of metoprolol is preferred for patient which Heart Failure
9.This medication class can decrease the clearance of lithium, increasing the risk for lithium toxicity
11.Due to risk of rhabdomyolysis, the FDA recommends using no more than 20 mg of simvastatin when this medication is used concomitantly
12.This diet is preferred in patients with hypertension
14.This term is often used to describe meats that have been preserved with salt
15.This drug class used more commonly in adolescents can cause drug induced hypertension
19.For patients with hypertension, daily sodium intake should be limited to approximately one ____________
21.This diuretic that is used for the treatment of diabetes insipidus is unlike other diuretics as it does not affect lithium levels
26.Man's greatest invention and element number one on the periodic table of meat
28.This is an abbreviation of where you would find guidelines for the treatment of hypertension
29.This state is contraindicated in diuretics

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