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Shaquille O'Neal

Jared McClendon

2       3
5   6  
9           10                        
14             15                    
  17             18  
19             20          

2.and Girls club was where Shaq played as a kid
4.The first country that he played international
7.The college degree that he received
9.The number of years it took Shaq to get his degree
10.The first NBA team that he played for
11.Another western city that Shaq played for. Their mascot is the sun
13.His step dad's career that caused the family to travel
14.The other honorary career title he had while in Miami
15.The state that he was born in.
16.The number of championships that he has won
17.His mothers name
19.The team that Shaq played the longest
20.The position that he played
1.The university that he graduated from
3.What Shaq studied in college
5.A career that Shaq tried but was not as successful
6.The city that he became a reserved officer in
8.His jersey number while playing at LSU
12.The last team that he played for
13.The US city that he played in the Olympics
18.The year that he retired

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