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Murder & Mayhem

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2.Female offenders tend to have _______ victims.
3.A reason women may use stealthier methods for murder, such as poison, is that they may be ___________ than their victim.
4.Hiding a secret is the most common __________ for murder.
8.Almost half of murders were committed by someone under the age of ________-_________.
12.A murder committed out of sympathy, also considered a mercy killing.
13.The main difference between 1st and 2nd degree murder is that 1st degree murder is ____________, and 2nd degree murder is not.
14.__________ Guise is the name of the film we mentioned that discussed how the need for men to feel masculine plays a role in why the murder rate is higher for men.
15.Women are less likely to _________ or have sex with their victims.
1.The most common motives for female murders seem to be power and ___________.
2.The unlawful killing of one human being by another.
4.Violent or damaging disorder; chaos
5.Negligently causing the death of another person is called ________________ manslaughter.
6.Women are most likely to be Murdered by someone they have or have had a(n) ___________ relationship with.
7.25.5% of ale victims were murdered by ____________.
9.When women murder their husbands what is the most common reason they state for doing so?
10.What is the most common weapon used to commit murder?
11.Men are more likely to kill for sex or ___________ than women.

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