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Unit 2 Review

Prof. Lowe

This puzzle reviews content from the unit 2 exam, which was on polymers and contained chapters 4, 6, 8, and 9 from Napoleon's Buttons. Shippensburg University Spring 2014 CHM 103

2 3  
5   6    
8     9           10 11                  
12                 13          
14                   15   16
  17             18                
  19       20        
23     24          

4.green light waves have a ___________ energy content than yellow light waves
9.Mexican rubber product not suitable to replace polyisoprene
11.an explosive dye
12.partner of butadiene in rubber replacement product
13.birthplace of world silk industry
14.last name of inventor of improved rubber product
17.spectrum which contains all energy types in the universe
20.raw sap from rubber tree
21.domesticated moth not found in nature
23.polyisoprene substitute
24.organic molecule which preferentially absorbs some visible light waves and not others
25.the type of bond found between monomers of amino acids
26.the 6-monomer, repeating unit in silk
27.non-Brominated Tyrian purple dye molecule
28.Wm. Henry Perkin's failed quinine result
1.Home of cotton manufacturing until WWI
2.the industry term meaning cultivation of silkworm moths for silk
3.general name for a polymer of amino acids
5.monomer in rubber
6.adjective for rubber which contains S-S cross-linkages
7.nylon is a(n) ______________ silk
8.animal storage polysaccharide
10.alternating double and single bonds
15.polymer of beta-glucose
16.side product of chemical reaction which creates cellulose
18.general term for the repeating unit in a polymer
19.chemical process step which makes dye molecules colored
22.structural polysaccharide found in insect exoskeletons
25.scale for acidity/alkalinity

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