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Unit 3 Review

Prof. Lowe

Chapters 10-13, and 17 of Napoleon's Buttons. Shippensburg University Spring 2014 CHM 103

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        27 28                    
      30         31                      
          36 37 38  
    39 40     41                  
  44                           45            

3.New World product which impacted method of using opium products
5.father of the Pill
9.genetic disease which provides some protection from malaria
10.a substance made in one part of the body which affects another part of the body
12.lethal chemical in Erlich's Number 606
13.condition responsible for 'St. Elmo's fire'
15.conflicts which arose from international desires for caffeine and opium
19.the blood protein responsible for carrying oxygen and which is affected by SCA
22.brand name for Number 606
24.chemist who cured infection with Prontosil Red
25.type of chemical which enables electral impulse transmission
26.a chemical which inhibits bacterial growth
28.toxic plant known to dilate pupils
30.dye company which marketed aspirin
31.Paul Erlich's goal for his work
33.active ingredient in the Pill
35.hormone which inhibits ovulation
41.insect responsible for spreading malaria
44.stimulates the same receptor that interacts with THC
45.illegal drug related to compounds used in dental surgery
46.chemical which interrupts action of adenosine in the brain
47.element found in alkaloids, usually in a ring
48.vitamin whose production is interrupted by sulfa drugs
49.someone who seeks to control nature in his/her own interest
1.has an A-B-C-D ring portion
2.deadly disease associated with addiction to tobacco
4.'hero drug' marketed by Bayer
6.compound from which aspirin is made
7.structure found in natural endorphins as well as many opioids
8.male contraceptive substance from cotton plant seeds
11.active component in Prontosil Red
13.main female sex hormone
14.created a type of 'degradation' process crucial to steroid production
16.term which means 'dulls pain'
17.event which protested 'taxation without representation'
18.main male sex hornone
20.drug derived from active compound created by the ergot fungus
21.adjective which means 'promotes muscle growth'
23.crucial structural portion of chemical created by penecillum notatum
27.a benzene ring, quaternary carbon, 2-carbon chain, and a tertiary nitrogen
29.a substance made by a plant to protect itself from predators
32.substance of microbial origin which also has antimicrobial effects
34.the original goal of W.H. Perkin's experiments
35.drug which causes lysis
36.main chemical found in opium poppy latex
37.chemical which is both a stimulant and a depressant
38.aromatic ring with an amino group
39.basic structure shared by quinine and chloroquine
40.beneficial substance from the foxglove plant
42.type of ring structure in active regions of bufotoxin and digoxin
43.name of the fruit which leads to coffee

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