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How Well Do You Know Me Babe?


This is for my girlfriend, seeing how much she has learned about me over the past 4 months.

2     3 4 5 6 7
  8             9      
  11         12 13    
14                   15            
    16 17                  
  18 19                        
21       22   23 24      
    25               26                
                27     28
                30         31
                  33   34  
36       37                    
    39       40        
  41                   42
      43   44
48       49                  

2.What do I want to name my child? (Middle name)
8.What state is my cousin Dylan from?
10.What do I want to name my child? (First name)
11.Favorite color
14.Favorite kind of dancing (ends in ing)
15.What finger do I always stick in your mouth when you yawn
17.The blanket with my face on it... what sport was that for?
19.What department do I work in at work?
20.Favorite vegetable
21.We are so damn what? (You said this quote)
25.Favorite song
27.My future
29.My bosses name
30.Favorite Grey's Anatomy Character
32.Let me go take a....
35._____ super smooth
39.What brand of deodorant do I use? (two words)
41.Always and
45.State I was born in
48.How many crosses do I wear
49.What disease did my dad die from?
50.Mom's full name
51.What do I eat with my Chicken nuggets?
52.Tom's full name
1.Favorite Gatorade flavor
3.What instrument did my dad play?
4.What drives me nuts. (a good nuts) (its an action you do)
5.Second fave Grey's Anatomy Character
6.Where are my parents from? (State)
7.College mascot?
9.Favorite brand of clothing/shoes
12.What state does my cousin Ty live in?
13.My band instructor (college) (last name only)
14.Last word of my tumblr URL
16.Favorite holiday?
17.Middle Name
18.How many months are we at as of May 2nd?
19.The most interesting thing about me
20.My nickname for Ashley
22.Favorite Month
23.What was the title of the text book my dad wrote a chapter in?
24.What does TDO stand for?
25.Where in Cali does my brother live?
26.What were my high school school colors? (red and what?)
28.Favorite food category
30.What kind of ghost?
31.Favorite NBA team
32.Favorite card game
33.My brothers middle name
34.What did I bring to sociology class my junior year. (My teacher yelled "YOU BROUGHT 'insert word here'"
36.Favorite cartoon as a child? (two words)
38.What color was my tux vest to prom my senior year?
40.When I take airplanes, who is my favorite company?
42.What did you tell me we need to have in our house at all times?
43.What is the state I'm from?
44.My dad's first name
46.What days do I have "youth group"?
47.Highschool mascot?

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