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1 2
4           5                  
  6   7
13                                   14    
15   16                      

3.discovered continental drift (2 Words)
4.greek word that means all earth
5.when continental crust begains to seperate the stretched crust forms a long narrow depression (2 Words)
8.a region where two plates slide horizontally past each other (2 Words)
9.happens when the flow in the outer core changes and earths magnetic field changes directions (2 Words)
11.earths continents had been joined as a single landmass that broke apart (2 Words)
13.regions where two tectonic plates are moving apart (2 Words)
15.aquatic reptile
18.are huge peices of crust and rigid upper mantel that fit together at their edges to cover earths surface (2 Words)
19.plant fossil
20.is an imaginary line on a map that shows points that heave the same age that is they formed at the same time
1.device that can detect small changes in magnetic feild
2.is the theory that explains how new ocean crust is formed at ocean ridges and destroyed at deep sea trenches (2 Words)
6.two tectonic plates are moving towards each other (2 Words)
7.can not swim
10.is the study of the history of earths magnetic feild
12.can not swim
14.the weight of the uplifted ridge is thought to push the oceanic plate toward the trench formed at the subduction zone (2 Words)
16.when two plats collide the denser plate eventually descends below the other less dense plate
17.he weight of a subducting plate pulls the trailing slab into subduction zone (2 Words)

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