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Chemistry Crossword

Paige Chandler

1         2                      
  5                       6        
      7   8    

1.a molecule consisting of 2 atoms but only 2 non-metals
5.a chemial equation that isnt balanced with an unequal amount of atoms on each side
11.a chemical bond that involves sharing a pair of electrons between atoms in a molecule
12.a chemical compound which ions are held together by ionic bonds
13.a chemical bond which one atom looses an electron and another atom gains a electron
1._______ is the opposite of synthesis reactions is more complex molecules
2.a electrically neutral froup of 2 or more atoms held together by chemical bonds
3.a reaction which includes two reactants combined to make more complex product
4.A ______ is a substance consisting of atoms
5.the number that is written under each chemical element. it indicts number of atoms
6.smallest conponet of a element that consist the nucleus
7._____ is ion that has two or more atoms covalently bonded
8.______ are written on the left side of a chemical reaction equation
9.a ______ is a substance resulting from a chemical reaction
10.this are the number that go infront of a element to balance a equation

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