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Cold War


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1.global conflict between communists and the free world
4.exposed Communist activity in the United States
7.European Recovery Program
10.director of Britain's nuclear research program who was convicted of supplying Moscow with a top-secret trigger mechanism
11.China's second Five-Year Plan
12.Leader of the Free French Government
14.city where the UN charter was drafted
15.Communists organized terrorist group in Italy
16.Winston Churchill's nickname for Communism
18.military alliance of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
19.dictator of Yugoslavia
21.limited nuclear arms production
22.organization formed in 1945 to maintain world peace
23.The resolution which gave legal justification for U.S. Military involvement in the Vietnam conflict
27.policy of racial segregation
28.leader of Argentina
29.U.S. State Department official who was implicated as a spy
31.leader of Chile
2.First president of Israel
3.The country in which the Shah was from.
5.Mao Tse-tung lauch this event to purge China of "counter-revolutionaries"
6.became the Soviet Union's leader after Stalin
8.Communist revolutionaries in Nicaragua
9.containment policy which would give aid to any free nation to resist Communist aggression
13.Communist leader who loosened Soviet control
17.quoted "There is no substitue for victory"
20.American couple who were convicted of treason and executed
24.first African nation south of the Sahara to gain independence
25.leader of West Germany
26.Replaced MacArthur in Korea
29.established the PLO
30.met with President Carter and Anwar el-Sadat during the Camp David Accords

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