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1.The big toe or hallux is ______ to the little toe
2.The foot is _______ to the knee
7.divides body into superior and inferior
8.the neck is _________ to the pelvis
9.and ___ from the body
11.a vertical plane that divides body into left and right
12.vertical line that divides body into ventral and dorsal
14.The anatomical term which best describes a structure toward the head is _______ .
15.The ribs are ______ to the spine
16.The best anatomical term to describe the back region of the body would be
1.what type sections runs along the midline of the body?
3.the lungs are _______ to the liver
4.describes the "Anatomical Position"?
5.The arm is ________ to the hand.
6.away from the midline of the body
10.Mrs. Jones is walking toward you. You are looking at her from a (an)_______________view?
13.In the anatomical position, the thumbs point ___

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