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1.What was not subject to European competition because of its lack of natural resources?
6.Increasing questions of political authority and growing nationalism contributed to this anti-colonial rebellion.
9.how many nations had interests in imperialism
11.What kind of crops were mass produced to be sold as profit? (2 words)
12.led to colonial dependence upon industrialized nations (2 words)
14.______ though and the resistance of colonized peoples to imperial centers shaped this revolutionary activity in the 18th century.
15.What were the people called that migrated from their country to another?
16.What engine burns the fuel on the outside?
17.What is period 5 all about?
19.The new capitalist economy relied on whom?
20.Imperialism in the late 19th c. was not a result of... (think of isms)
23.The new modes of transport contributed to migrants relocating to cities contributing to to global ____.
25.An -ism that served both as a unifying and divisive force. (2 words)
27.What kind of colonies did Britain establish in other countries?
28.Where was Muhammad Ali working for the cotton textile industry?
2.How many industrialization revolutions were there?
3.What didn't facilitate European imperialism? (2 words)
4.What else was Period 5 About? (2 words)
5.A practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium
7.What literally and metaphorically fueled industrialism?
8.The growth of new empires challenged the power of existing land-based empires of ________.
10.they were workers under a contract to work for someone in a fixed time period in exchange for transportation, food, clothing, and housing (2 words)
13.What country's colonialism was eased by the breakup of the Mughal Empire?
18.an economic system in which the means of production are controlled by private individuals or institutions for their own personal profit
21.Slavery was ____ and the end of serfdom.
22.What was the war in China vs. Britain about in order to open up the markets in China?
24.The expansion of U.S. and European influence over _________ Japan led to the emergence of Meiji Japan.
26.Important enlightenment thinker.

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