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Print name and class period ___________

test review crossword

You will get a grade for this

2 3               4 5
6 7        
8                     9            
12       13                
        16   17
20           21                            
22         23  
      25             26  
27               28              
29           30              

3.rank or standing
8.to make a product by hand or machine
9.to help
13.a shrinking economy
15.start a private business and make a profit
20.area between the 2 Korea's
24.south Korea has an _________ economy
25.to add variety to
27.to keep
28.during the cultural revolution ______ were imprisoned
29.a collection od all known facts
30.no longer current or popular
1.Koreas economy
2.to concentrate on 1 thing
4.the Republic of China
5.the total value of all goods in an economy
6.a severe food shortage
7.amount produced over a certain period of tme
10.the number of births each year per 1,000 people
11.important part of Japan's economy
12.carried out the Cultural Revolution
14.money given to business by a government
16.what a thing is made from
17.people do work for which they are paid
19.the Great Leap Forward was to increase ......
21.extreme confusion
22.within reasonable limits
23.to add variety to
26.a cease fire agreement

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