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CORE PHYSICS AQA P1 Foundation Revision

Tim Clarke, Shoreham College

1           2         3 4
5 6   7              
  8       9                    
    12   13   14         15
18         19       20
      21 22                        
24                           25   26          
27                   28             29           30
31     32                       33              
          34 35        
    36             37              
    38     39  
40                 41       42                    
    44                     45      
      47 48                     49        
        51     52          
53                           54              
56                       57            
58           59                

1.particles bunched together in a sound wave
7.propeller/fan shaped object driven round by steam in a power station
8.reflected sound
9.water vapour in the air ????? on a cold mirror
10.word to describe a gas or a liquid
11.transfer of heat by vibrating particles in a solid
13.ray going into a mirror
16.change of direction/speed of light as it enters glass
17.gamma x-ray ultraviolet light infrared ?????? radio
18.solar ???? generates electricity from sunlight
22.distance from one wave peak to the next wave peak
24.raising the height of an object increases its ? potential energy
26.sound energy from a radio is ? energy (efficiency question)
27.infrared radiation is trapped in the atmosphere called the ? effect
28.excellent metallic conductor of heat
29.space with no particles prevents conduction and convection
31.spectrum of gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet etc
33.moving objects have this energy
34.heat energy from a radio is ? energy (efficiency question)
36.type of wave found in sound
40.electrical energy from water running downhill
42.coal, oil, natural gas, peat are all examples of.... (6,5)
44.type of wave found in water
48.transfer of heat by currents in a liquid or gas
49.heating a gas makes it less ????? causing it to rise
50.resists movement
51.springs and rubber bands store ? potential energy
53.nationwide network of power lines supplying electricity (8,4)
54.term for effect seen in light spectra of galaxies moving away
56.particles far apart in a sound wave
57.central region of an atom
58.arrow diagram to show efficiency
59.oil is an example of a ?????????, it reduces friction
2.energy required to raise temperature of one kilogram by one degree (8,4,8)
3.methane gas from manure is an example of.....
4.sound wave with a large amplitude is very ????
5.number of wave peaks passing a fixed point every second
6.energy sources that will not run out
12.unit of electricity on a bill (8-4)
14.food contains this energy
15.opposite to peak
19.fills a container and can have differing volumes
20.solar heating ????? heats water using solar energy
21.dark,???? surfaces are good at emitting radiation
23.randomly moving particles in metals that allow efficient heat transfer (4,9)
25.nuclear power from an aton splitting apart
26.element often used as a nuclear fuel
30.calculated by energy transferred divided by time taken to transfer
32.energy cannot be destroyed,only transferred, we call this ? of energy
35.height of wave or depth of wave from the middle
37.spreading of waves as they pass through a gap
38.unit of frequency
39.change from solid to gas without the liquid phase
41.step-up and step-down are examples of these
43.distance divided by time
45.energy source that heats water by pumping it into hot rocks underground
46.line drawn at 90 degrees to a plane mirror in a ray diagram
47.caused by release of sulphur dioxide (4,4)
52.light,????? surfaces are poor at emitting radiation
55.useful energy from a kettle filament

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