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Animal Farm 5-6


Chapter 5-6 of Animal Farm

1 2
  4               5
  9               10
11                 12
  14 15   16

4.what Napoleon did to Snowball's plans--5
6.Comrade Napoleon changed to ______ Napoleon--6
8.Napoleon declared a death sentence to this animal because of the destruction he caused--6
9.whose skull was placed at the foot of the flagpole--5
11.Pilkington of ______ Farms--6
13.what was used to build the windmill--6
18.what two words were added to the 4th Commandment (2 words, no space)--6
20.what Snowball hoped to build on the knoll of the farm to make life easier--5
1.animal who did extra work on the windmill--6
2."___legs good, ___ legs bad." (two words no space)--5
3.scapegoat for destroying the windmill--6
5.man who would act as intermediary between the farm and humans--6
7.the only animal who did not take a side in the fight between Snowball and Napoleon--5
8.chased out of Animal Farm by a pack of dogs--5
10.how many hours the animals were working to complete their work and the windmill--6
12.Frederick of ______ Farms--6
14.pig who supported the three-day work-week--5
15.Boxer's new maxim--"Napoleon is always _____."--5
16.item that would first be used in trade--6
17.vain mare who liked to see how pretty she was--5
19.moved into the farmhouse--6

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