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Credit Vocabulary Quiz

MHS Personal Finance

All about credit!

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1.The interest rate charged on new transactions if the penalty terms in the credit card contract are triggered (2 Words)
4.A person or organization that makes funds available to borrow
5.An interest rate that may change depending on other factors, such as the prime rate (2 Words)
7.A plastic card that is electronically connected to the cardholder's bank account (2 Words)
8.Terms and fees of a credit card in an easy to read box on all credit card applications and solicitations (2 Words)
9.Fee charged when a credit card holder does not make the minimum monthly payment by the due date (3 Words)
10.An annual interest rate that does not change without prior notification (2 Words)
12.A comparison of information on a credit application to information on a credit report (2 Words)
14.A form requesting information about a person's ability to repay credit (2 Words)
16.A record of the borrower\rquote s past loan and credit-related transactions (2 Words)
17.The maximum amount of charges allowed to an account (2 Words)
20.The interest rate that may be charged right after a credit card account is opened (2 Words)
21.An index that represents the interest rate most banks charge their most credit-worthy customers (2 Words)
22.The person or organization that is receiving money from a lender
23.The act of transferring debt from one credit card account to another (2 Words)
24.When goods, services, and/or money is received in exchange for a promise to pay back a definite sum of money at a future date'
1.When someone has passed an initial credit history check (2 Words)
2.The cost of credit expressed as a yearly interest rate (4 Words)
3.A loan of a certain amount of money that a borrower must repay in a specified number of equal payments (also know as Closed-end Credit) (2 Words)
6.Fee charged if the credit card account balance goes over the set credit limit (4 Words)
11.Fee charged if the cardholder makes a payment but does not have enough money in that account to cover the payment (3 Words)
13.An individual\rquote s ability and willingness to pay the money back
15.A number that summarizes an individual\rquote s credit record and history (2 Words)
18.A yearly fee that may be charged for having a credit card (2 Words)
19.A plastic card that you can use to access a line of credit that has been established in advance (2 Words)

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