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Biology Unit 5

K Koch Isa

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4.The viral DNA inserts, or integrates, into a chromosome in a host cell. (2 Words)
6.A nonliving strand of genetic material within a protein coat.
9.Found on the outer surface of some bacteria.
10.Microscopic protozoans that cause disease in insects.
11.A group of cells that join together to form a close association.
14.Collect the excess water from the cytoplasm and expel it from the cell. (2 Words)
16.resistant to harsh environments and might be able to survive extreme heat, extreme cold, dehydration, and large amounts of ultraviolet radiation..
17.circular chromosome in an area of the cell.
18.A hard, porous covering similar to a shell, which surrounds the cell membrane.
21.A strong, flexible polysaccharide is found in the cell walls of all fungi and in the exoskeletons of insects and crustaceans.
23.A symbiotic relationship between a specialized fungus and plant roots.
25.The secreted layer of polysaccharides around the cell wall.
26.The host cell makes many copies of the viral RNA or DNA. (2 Words)
27.The division of a cell into two genetically identical cells. (2 Words)
28.Starving amoeba-like cells give off this chemical.
29.Spore-producing hyphae.
30.A symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga or a photosynthetic partner.
1.A temporary extension of cytoplasm.
2.They emit light.
3.A life cycle of algae that takes two generations to complete a life cycle. (3 Words)
5.A protein that can cause infection or disease.
7.Elongated, cylindrical bodies that can discharge a spinelike structure.
8.A haploid reproductive cell with a hard outer coat.
12.The outer layer of all viruses is made of proteins.
13.A mobile mass of cyto- plasm that contains many diploid nuclei but no separate cells.
15.An animal-like protist because it is a heterotroph.
19.Two prokaryotes attach to each other and exchange genetic information.
20.Molds form a type of hyphae.
22.(sometimes called eubacteria) are prokaryotic organisms that belong to Domain Bacteria..
24.Enclosed by a layer of membrane.

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