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Wordly Wise 7 and 8

Tucker Minter

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6               7                
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1.v. To as earnestly; to beg
6.n. A wreath or chain of leaves and flowers.
7.adj, 1. Lying flat. 2. Lying face down. Completely overcome.
9.adj. Pleasing to the senses of tase
11.v. To get in the way of.
13.adj. Bound to happen
17.v. To think about; to consider carefully.
18.adj. Failing to take proper care of
20.adj. With great speed or force. Adv. Recklessly
24.n. A special favor, right, or advantage.
25.n. A state of great joy.
27.adj. Not stricly enforced. 2. Not tight
28.adj. 1. Much more than enough. 2. Very costly. v. To give freely or generously.
29.adj. Showing to much pride in one's self.
2.Amazement or fear that makes one feel confused
3.v. To manage problems succesfully.
4.adj. 1. Overcrowded. 2. Filled with fluid.
5.v.1. To pull off or out 2. To remove feathers from. 3. To pull and let go. n. Courage
8.adj. Strict; severe
10.adj. Inclined to act without thinking
12.n. A person killed in war or accident.
13.v. 1. To put into offect. 2. To take as a member.
14.adj. Very angry
15.n. A large number of people gathered together. v. To gather or move in large.
16.v. 1. To burn slowly. 2. To exist in hidden state.
19.v. To move with great force and speed.
21.v. 1. To please or satisfy. 2. To give in to what is wanted or requested.
22.n. Noisy merrymaking
23.adj. Sharp or bitter to the sense of taste or smell.
26.n. A sudden wish to do something without a particular reason.

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