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Ch 15 Review pages 584-597

Introduction to Psychology

Review for Final Bonus Quiz Spring 14

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4.a governent policy in the early 1950's resulted in closure of many mental hospitals
5.this type of disorder is specific to certain cultures, such as eating disorders in the U.S. (2 words)
9.institutions for the mentally ill created in the 15 th century
10.the insanity defense is raised in only about 1% of criminal trials and, of those, is only successful about one-____ of the time
11.a problem with online diagnositic tools is that they have never been evaluated by_____________ ______________ studies (two words)
13.during the Middle Ages, mental disorders were based on a ___________ model
14.this was often used during the Middle Ages to treat mental illness.
15.this term is a purely legal term, referring to one's responsibility in committing a crime
16.the DSM-IV recommends assessment of patients along multiple ____________ or dimensions of functioning
1.According to the text, just as characteristics vary within the same family, but are similar, the major classes of ___________ _______________ include disorders that are loosely related to one another (2 words)
2.dueling expert witnesses make it appear to the public that there is a lack of agreement concerning the __________ of individuals with suspected mental disorders.
3.this association is responsible for the criteria for mental disorders as set forth in the DSM-IV
6.she advocated for the moral treatment of those with mental illnesses (first and last name)
7.the occurence of two or more diagnoses within the same person
8.it is a ___________ that the mentally ill are at a greatly higher risk for violence
12.this model came into practice during the Renaissance although treatment remained barbaric

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