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my shrek puzzle


5       6      
7   8      
10       11      

2.When Shrek got bored at the movies, he asked his wife "How much longer until this is ___"
3.Shrek told his wife their marriage was ___
4.What Shrek Is?
5.Shrekk brushes his teeth for ____ one minute, after every meal
6.According to Shrek, it's not ____ until the fat lady sings
8.When Shrek died, he said "My Life is ___"
9.Shrek is ____ 5 and a half feet tall
10.When eating out his wife, Shrek said "it looks like I'm in _____ my head"
11.Shrek is ____-weight
12.When Donkey tried to eat Shrek's Doritos, Shrek said "____ my dead body"
13.When Shrek falls off of a ship, he has gone ___board
1.What Shrek's mom is
3.Shrek's life is ___
5.Shrek says it is important to work out for _____ twenty minutes every day
6.When Shrek signs off of a CB radio he says "____ and out"
7.Shrek got a speeding ticket for driving ____ the limit
8.Shrek was arrested because his BAC was ____ 0.2 while operating a motor vehicle
10.When the nukes drop, Shrek wants to run ____ the hills and far away
11.When Shrek is feeling down he tells himself it's not ____ yet
12.Shrek is "taking care of business and working ____time"
13.What Shrek is

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