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Solar System

Marty Bergoffen

Objects and Phenomena of our Solar System

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4.Visible part of the sun, with a yellow color.
5.Moon of Mars with a large crater named Stickney.
7.When the moon appears to get bigger.
10.Ice Giant planet that is tilted 90 degrees.
11.When two objects appear in the same place in the sky.
12.A star, system that includes planets, moons, asteroids, comets, etc.
13.A planet smaller than Mars, but with the same gravity.
14.The shape of all planet's orbits.
15.Outer atmosphere of the sun, temperature up to 20 million degrees.
17.Moon of Jupiter with active volcanoes.
20.Daily rise and fall of ocean levels caused by the Moon and Sun
21.Magenetic storm on the sun, with a period of 11 years.
22.Gaseous outer layer of a planet.
23.Largest planet in the solar system.
1.Has no moons, but is hotter than Mercury.
2.An object orbiting a star that is large enough that gravity pulls it into a spherical shape.
3.A building for looking at the sky with a Telescope.
4.Huge loop of gas coming from sunspots, can be 30 times the size of Earth.
6.Moon of Saturn with an icy surface and underground oceans that may have living creatures.
8.The element that makes up most of the atmosphere of Earth and Titan.
9.A layer of the sun where energy moves outward like boiling water, in large clumps.
13.Has a Carbon Dioxide atmosphere and huge volcanoes and canyons.
14.The day of the year when night and day are the same length.
16.When the moon appears to get smaller.
18.Movement of large pieces of a planets lithospere called Plates
19.When the shadow of one celestial object falls on another.
21.Hot ball of Hydrogen Gas, uses Fusion to create Helium, light, and heat.

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