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Car Insurance

Katie Skidmore and Jonnay Nalls

Red the following sentence and fill in the blanks

1 2
4   5  
6 7                
  8       9

3.What state costs 1,114.36 for insurance cost?
7._________ is an additional premium charge, for a limited number of years, that is applied to your insurance policy if you are involved in certain moving violations, suspensions or accidents.
8.Auto insurance is for a ________.
10.Auto insurance provides ___________.
11.What state costs 914.14 for insurance cost?
12.How old do you have to be to get car insurance?
1.What state costs 783.20 for insurance cost?
2.What state costs 881.97 for insurance cost?
4.______ will take care of your vihicle to get repaired and such.
5.Most insures offer _____ that covers injuried you sustain as a driver or passenger.
6.Auto insurance provides ___________.
9.Auto insurance provides ___________.

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