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South-East Asian Volcanoes

Broderick Moore

A crossword puzzle on South-East Asian Volcanoes.

2               3   4            
5 6 7 8            
  9                     10 11  
  19 20                       21    
    22               23    

2.The type of boundaries where tectonic plates are colliding.
4.The volcano on the island of Sumbawa that erupted catastophically in 1815.
8.All sizes of solid material blown out of a volcano.
9.The finest particles of tephra.
13.Mighty sea waves triggered by earthquakes or vocanic eruptions.
14.The world's deepest oceanic trench.
15.The volcano in the Philippines that caused the second largest volcanic eruption in the 1900s.
17.Where the edge of one tectonic plate melts beneath another.
20.The tectonic plate with an island nation that is being subducted under the eurasian plate.
22.Mixtures of water-saturated mud and debris that move down slope under the force of gravity.
24.The capital of the Philippines located on the island of Luzon.
25.Viscous lava lumps ejected by an explosive explosion.
1.Where many active volcanoes are found on the Pacific Rim.
3.The French term used for glowing clouds of hot volcanic ash and gas.
5.Steep sided domes of thick lava extruded from a volcanic vent.
6.A gigantic basin with steep walls.
7.An island volcano in the Sunda Strait that erupted in 1883.
10.A wind in the Indian Ocean and southern Asia that brings heavy rains in the summer.
11.The Javanese term for volcanic mudflows.
12.Avalanches of hot ash, gas and rock fragments that roar down the flanks of volcanoes.
16.The type of volcano that is composed of alternate layers of lava and tephra.
18.A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops in the western part of the North Pacific Ocean between 180° and 100°E.
19.A strait between Sumatra and Java.
21.An ethnic minority group of hunter-gatherers that was greatly affected living on the slopes of the mountain that caused the second largest eruption of the 1900s.
23.Molten material that flows onto the surface of Earth and then cools and solidifies.

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