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Welcome to Night Vale

Noah Buerstetta h20verdrive.tumblr.com

A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.

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7.The local numbers station; it broadcasts a monotone female voice reading out seemingly random numbers, interspersed with chimes.
8.The voice of Night Vale and the narrator of Welcome to Night Vale.
10.A multinational frozen yogurt franchise.
12.One of the leaders of the Night Vale chapter of the Boy Scouts of America until the events of Eternal Scouts.
13.The shop was burned down years ago by its owner, who then skipped town with the insurance money.
15.Night Vale's most well-known agriculturalists and a frequent call-in contributor to Welcome to Night Vale.
16.They may or may not exist. If they do exist, then they are all named "Erika"
19.That No One Acknowledges or Speaks About.
20.A museum featuring numerous exhibits, all of which are covered in thick burlap at all times, with explanatory plaques completely blacked out with permanent marker.
22.The best and only pizzeria in Night Vale.
24.The most often named intern on the show and the longest-appearing intern character.
25.A popular grocery store in Night Vale, located near the Dog Park.
2.Well known for its bowling, arcade games, beer, buffalo wings, and the mysterious underground city.
3.A renowned destroyer of librarians, and the leader of Night Vale's anti-StrexCorp resistance movement.
4.Out near the car lot.
5.Were originally highly recommended by the City Council before transformed into highly venomous snakes.
6.A blogger, a former fugitive charged with insurance fraud, and the future would-be mayor of Night Vale.
9.Floating cat who lives in the men's room of the Night Vale Community Radio Station.
11.One of the first citizens of Night Vale to investigate and to return from the Whispering Forest.
14.She does 'lots of things', including Bing searching for things like 'pictures of dead wolves'.
17.A resident of Night Vale who sometimes emails his opinions on local politics to Night Vale Community Radio, and radio host Cecil Palmer knows that he is just the worst guy there is.
18.A Latino scientist
21.Night Vale's only car dealership.
23.Otherworldly lights that appear in the sky above the sign.

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