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grade 10 review 2


1 2 3
    4 5   6                
          9   10  
11           12            
16 17                        
  18   19                
21                         22  

5.The way an individual should increase the load of the exercise
7.Clogging of the arteries
9.Carries blood without oxygen back to the heart
11.Cardiovascular exercise should last at least 20 minutes
12.Benefits are: injury reduction, quick reaction time for this fit area
14.Benefits are: Increase metabolism, improve hormone functions
17.Benefits are: Increase nutrients to tissues, vitality (overall health)
19.How often you perform the cardiovascular endurance exercise
21.Heart stops completely
23.Body needs this to flush toxins
1.Heart is beating fast and irregular
2.Muscular benefits are: Builds bones, strengthens immunity
3.Best indicator of heart health, this is taken before you get out of bed
4.This is found at your radial or carotid arteries
6.Amount of resistance or stress you put on your body with exercise
8.Heart rate you want to be at to get benefits of exercise
10.This is the level you perform cardiovascular exercises at
13.You find this heart rate by calculating 220 - age
15.Muscular benefits are: Increase energy, enhance posture
16.10-20% alcohol is absorbed in intestines and this
18.This action can occur from too much consumption of alcohol
20.Carries blood with oxygen away from the heart
22.The actual exercise that you perform

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