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The storm by Gaye Hicyilmaz (Vocabulary Words)

Waleed Snoussi

Fill in the puzzle with the right words that correspond with the definitions below.

1 2
6 7        

3.(Noun) a tool with a long handle and a slightly curved blade, used for cutting long grass
4.(Noun) a small amount of snow, rain, wind that falls or blows for a short time and then stops
5.(Noun) a sudden strong increase in the amount and speed of wind that is blowing
7.(Noun) a thing that is shaped like a cone
8.(Adjective) dark red in colour
9.(Adjective) having or marked with veins or thin lines
1.(Noun) an area in or near a town where poor people live in shanties (2 Words)
2.(Adjective) extremely hot and unpleasant and lacking fresh air = stifling
3.(Verb) to shake slightly because you are cold, frightened or excited
6.(Noun) to become dry and wrinkled as a result of heat

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