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Ecology Definitions

Sara Manley

cross word puzzle

1 2
5                   6
8                     9          
10                     11 12  
  15                 16            

3.an assemblage of populations of different species within a specified location in space and time
4.class of relationship between two organisms where one benefits without affecting the other
5.something that causes decay; dismantler
8.interacting system of a biological community and its non-living environmental surroundings
9.type of treeless ecosystem dominated by lichens, mosses, grasses, and woody plants
10.living at the expense of or off the body of another organism
13.group of interbreeding organisms occupying a particular space
15.Interspecific relationship in which both organisms benefit
16.plant belonging to the legume family; pod or seed
18.colorless oderless gas, dominate element in the atmosphere
19.resemblance of one kind of organism to another to make the organism difficult to find
1.species whose loss from ecosystem would cause a greater than average change in other species populations or ecosystems
2.temporary and shed after period of time (leaves, baby teeth, ect.)
3.two or more individuals compete for the same set of available and limited resources
6.organism that feeds on dead or composing animals or plants
7.silver-white metallic element, very reactive with water
10.essential chemical food contributes to the eutrophication of lakes and other water bodies, nonmetalic chemical element
11.a predictable ordering of a dominance of a species or groups of species
12.place occupied by a species in its ecosystem and its role, what it feeds on and when it performs its activities
14.place where a population lives and its surroundings
17.relationship of living things to one another and their environment

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