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Candi Buchanan

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36                   37    

2.Any deliberate action of self harm that could have been lethal but was not.
3.Chronic disease of the respiratory system in which inflammation narrows the airway
5.A body of information in a particular area that makes it easier to master new information in that area.
7.A test designed to measure intellectual apitude
11.a state of equlilibrium maintained by interaction of all body's physiological systems is known as
12.Children who are disliked by peers because of their timid withdrawn and anxious behavior.
14.Type of memory where incoming stimulus information is stored for a split second to allow it to be processed
15.An organic chemical substance produced in the body and conveyed via bloodstream.
16.The capacity to adapt well to significant adversity and to overcome serious stress.
17.The time it takes to resong to a physical or cognitive stimulus.
19.The ability to understand social interactions, including the cause ad consequences of human behavior.
21.The pratical use of language that includes the ability to adjust language communication
22.The basic difference between depressive and bi polar disorders is the presence of this
31.The legal and genetic relationships among relatives living in the same home
33.The hormone that affects appetite and is beleived to affect the onset of puberty
34.Most frequently abused drug among North American teenagers.
35.this is the most advanced process of cognition
38.arises from personal experiances and perceptions, cultural assumptions and goals for the future.
39.The ability to figure out the unspoken link between one fact and another.
41.Many children use codes like LOL, BRB, in text messages this is an example of which type of code?
42.Condition in which a child has great difficulty concentrating and is overactive and impulsive.
43.Teaching reading by first teaching the sounds of each letter and letter combinations
44.The attempt to master many skills
45.Petty, peevish arguing usually repeated and ongoing is called
46.The possibility thats one's appearance or behavior will be misread to confirm another's oversimplifies prejudiced attitude is called
47.The process by which a sequence of thoughts and actions is repeated until it becomes routine and no longer requires conscious thoughts.
48.The stage of thinking that is characteristic of middle childhood
49.The years of rapid physical growth and sexual maturation that ends in childhood.
50.A family of three or more generations living in one household.
1.All subjects are taught in child's second language
2.The type of moral reasoning that emphasizes rewards and punishments
4.Having a BMI in the 95th percentile
6.Thinking about Thinking
8.Unusual difficulty with reading
9.Having a BMI about 85th percentile
10.The ability to concentrate on some stimuli while ignoring others
13.Allows parents to choose a school for their child with all or part of cost paid by the government.
18.occurs suddenly and affects many
20.A person's body weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters
23.This is the stage where Erickson believed that adults seek someone with whom to share their lives in an enduring and self sacrificing commitment.
24.This is the body weight that your homeostatic mechanisms seek to maintain.
25.A condition where the person has extreme mood swings
26.Children who are disliked by peers because of antagonistic and confrontational behavior.
27.A family that consists of a father, mother, and their biological children under age 18.
28.Repeated efforts in inflict harm through physical, verbal, or socail attack on a weaker person.
29.Repeatedly thinking and talking about past experiances,.
30.Age 6 to 11
32.Reasoning that includes propostions and possibilites that may not reflect reality.
36.the ability to regulate one's emotions and actions through effort.
37.A family consisting of one man, several wives, and the biological children of the man and his wives.
40.This moral reasomimg emphasizes social rules.

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