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Hatchet Crossword

Gary Paulsen

not to hard

1                   2  
4 5            
8             9         10

1.Name a procedure you do to victims with heart attacks? pg 11
3.On the twentieth page what was a word used to describe the pilots face?
5.What was the third number that Brian saw on the dashboard on page thirteen?
7.On page seventeen what did Brian feel like in the cocpit of the plane?
8.On page twenty-four what was Brian's mind spiralling into?
9.Fill in missing word from page 10.that he wanted to make his mind ----- again.
11.What was the name of the planes radio system? (pg14)
2.How long was Brians drive to Hampton?
4.What did Brian hear vfor the first time in hise uncles pick up truck?(pg15)
6.On page thirty and thirty one what made Brian's hurt even more?
10.How did Brian find flying the plane on page four?

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