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Foundations Of Technology

Kevin Sunday

25 Word that are from the class.

1 2 3 4
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5.Confirmation that the objective was achieved
9.Device that collects the message
10.Has a hierarchy of sub-systems, which often interact with the environment (2 Words)
16.Group of organs that work together to perform a task (2 Words)
17.Determine the objective of the project or action
20.Person or machine that is the audience
22.Group if organism that interact with their environment (2 Words)
23.Study of communication through touching
24.Manage a system
25.Device that translate the communication into an acceptable format
1.Device that retrieves the communication on command
2.Process of analyzing an existing product so a similar product can be developed or the original product can be improved (2 Words)
3.Person or machine originating the communication
4.How the objective is achieved
6.Device that translate the communication into a format for transmission
7.Has limited amount of sub-systems, which can be easily identified (2 Words)
8.Study of communication through gestures, posture, and movement
11.To come up with a solution (2 Words)
12.Build a structure; Product
13.How organism interact with the designed world (2 Words)
14.System of mechanism that uses power to change force or movement (2 Words)
15.Process of moving an abstract idea to developing logical designs of a system
18.Results of the objective
19.Device that sends the message
21.Device that stores the communication

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