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Cheryl B.

A crossword puzzle used to review concepts presented over the course of a Drunk Driving Education Program.

1     2          
3 4      
  5   6
7   8     9       10
  11               12      
13               14     15      
  16 17 18        
19                       20
24 25                              
28     29             30            
31             32   33               34 35    
38     39            
    40           41      
42           43     44    
  45   46              
  47                 48        

1.Liquid medication used to numb pain
3.Depleted infection fighters from alcohol use? (Abr.)
7.____(and seek)
11.Liver scarring
13.A BAC of .5 or higher results in...
19.testosterone, estrogen and their ilk affected by prolonged alcohol use
22.Medication to slow abnormally quick bowel movements that commonly contain alcohol
25.Poisonous by-product of alcohol metabolism
26.2-4 weeks after HIV infection feels like you have the...
27.Cardiovascular organ affected by ethanol over time
28.Reversible if you stop drinking now
30.Fatal medical condition requiring a "cocktail" to treat (Abr.)
31.Since 1956 the AMA has recognized Alcoholism as a...
32.________psychosis; thiamine deficiency
36.Bodily by-product used to detect THC
37.it will not go away; medical condition
38.Monogomy, condoms, dental dams
40.It causes withdrawal symptoms
42.Type of Drinker
43.serious withdraw from alcohol requiring hospitalization (Abr.)
46.Method to protect against STD transmission
47.First; Stands alone as a disease
48.Green Paper used to pay fines
49.Highest percent of alcohol concentration in an OTC medication
2..08 BAC
4.Major organ that controls everything
5.Driving Under the Influence (Abr.)
6.OTC Syrup that contains alcohol
8.Grim Reaper
9.Pyschoactive chemical in Marijuana (Abr.)
10.Stores pot?
12.One beer, One glass of wine, or one shot of liquor
15.an outside contributing factor towards drug/alcohol use and attitude
16.Forward moving, as with a disease
17.Builds up over time; use more to get the same effect
18.Looks like a pregnant belly?
20.Not spontaneous, as in disease of Alcoholism
21.It goes up when drinking
23.Collection of symptoms found in babies exposed to alcohol in utero (Abr.)
24.Precurser to cirrhosis in 50%-80% of alcoholics
29.4,700 people from this population die each year due to alcohol use
33.sites for compatible neurotransmitters
34.It goes down when drinking
35.Precursor to fatal STD/bloodborn pathogen (Abr.)
39.Key word that a liquid medication contains alcohol
41.The oldest and most widely used psychoactive drug
44.Use of a substance despite negative consequences
45.More than 4 drinks in a sitting for Males

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