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vocabulary for chp 8 and 9

Mr. Derrell

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2.physical or psychological abuse within a family setting
6.subordination based on race; discrimination or oppression based on race
8.narrow-minded opinion based on a false premise
10.the fear of being homosexual or of people with a homosexual orientation
11.physical or psychological abuse that occurs in the context of a relationship such as dating or marriage
1.the trend that results in more women and dependent children living in poverty than men
3.racist actions and attitudes ingrained and operating in organizations of a society
4.discrimination and injustice based on gender differences
5.a strong negative feeling that a person holds toward members of another race
7.generalizing about an entire group of people and limiting our view of members of a group to narrow preconceptions
9.a society in which the dominant power is in the hands of a select group

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