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The Old Testament:

Michael Groff

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1.To want someone's possessions, or be jealous of something. (Comms.)
4.The God-given name of Abraham's wife. (Ab.)
5.The meaning of the name Sarah. (Ab.)
7.The name of the Jewish Scriptures. (J. Hist.)
10.The name of God's laws for the Israelites. (Comms.) (3 Words)
12.Ends with the death of Joseph. (J. Hist.)
13.The miracle child of Jacob, after Joseph was enslaved in Egypt. (12tr.)
14.An agreement in between two parties, such as Abraham and God. (Ab.)
16.What god told Moses to call him. (Mos.) (5 Words)
18.The Passover resulted in the death of the first born of this nation. (Pass.)
19.Jacob stole this from his brother, Esau. (12tr.)
20.Ten of these occurred in the book of Exodus. (Mos.)
21.The number of days old a baby must be when it is circumcised. (J. Hist.)
23.Moses' rod transforms into this after pharaoh refuses to release the Israelites. (Mos.)
24.This commandment is also one of the worst crimes in the court of law. (Comms.)
1.Ancient peoples way of promising things is the origin of the term, "_______ a deal." (J. Hist.)
2.The name of the promised land for the Israelites. (Mos.)
3.God promised this to Abram in their covenant. (Ab.)
6.This animal's blood was smeared on the houses of the faithful during Passover. (Pass.)
8.The meaning of Abram's vocational name. (Ab.) (3 Words)
9.The sea that Moses divided in Exodus. (Mos.) (2 Words)
11.The name of the seventh day, when God rested. (J. Hist.)
15.The month that Passover is celebrated in. (Pass.)
16."It's a bird, it's a plane, ___________!" ~Mr. Kaminsky (12tr.)
17.The sixth commandment states, "Thou shall not commit ________." (Comms.)
22.The tribe of Israel that Moses belonged to. (12tr.)

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