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4.bullfighting is considered a _________
8.what a bullfight is divided in
9.another word for the killing sword
11.the killer
12.suit of lights wore by the matador
14.the arena where the bullfight takes place
15.the montera is dropped when matador is ready to make his _______
16.what the crowd shouts if they are pleased
18.style of music played at a bullfight
20.the long dagger used by the picador
21.what the president waves if he is pleased
25.person who places 6 banderillas in the neck of the bull
29.a trophy that is awarded if the kill is exceptional
30.spanish word for bullfight
31.the hat wore by the matador
32.another word for a picador
33.the matador has ______ minutes to make his kill after the trumpet sounds
1.awarded to the matador in the end
3.the larger sword used to sever the spinal cord if the matador doesn't make the kill
4.in Spain, the meat is _______ outside the arena
5.in Mexico, the meat is donated to an __________________
6.Iberian fighting bull; brave bull
7.the 6 spears used to weaken the bull's neck muscles
10.he uses the capote
13.if the bull doesn't charge when being tested, he is sent to the ___________
17.the colors of the capote
19.the first trophy awarded to the matador
22.the number of banderillas used
23.the color of the muleta
24.person who uses a vara in the first part of a bullfight
25.a bull is called a toro bravo because of his
26.the sword used to kill the bull
27.the magenta and gold cape used by the torero
28.red cape used by the matador

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