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1 2
5 6                            
  7   8                       9  
      13   14        
  19               20        
21                   22                    
23             24                        

3.is a push or pull upon an object
5.an object placed on a tilted surface will often slide down the surface
7.waves are the only electromagnetic waves we can see
10.an object that has motion whether it is vertical or horizontal motion
11.creation and destruction of chemical bonds
13.the standard metric unit of power
16.of an object is determined by its motion and position
17.has a high energy and very short wavelength
18.the standard unit of work or energy
19.increases the strength of aluminum and magnesium alloys
20.what melts things with a liquid
21.an educated guess
22.uses high frequency sounds that are higher than the human ear can hear
23.the quantity of people or things in a given area or space
24.exerted on the object by the fluid
1.the stored energy of position possessed by an object
2.term used by scientists to describe the entire range of light that exists
4.when a ray of light strikes a plane mirror
6.originates from the splitting of uranium atoms in a process called fission
8.is a pressure wave when an object vibrates, it creates a mechanical disturbance in the medium
9.which are the compounds associated with life processes
12.have the smallest wavelengths and the most energy of any wave in the electromagnetic spectrum
14.is the energy a substance or system has related to its temperature
15.decay occurs in unstable atoms nuclei

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