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by Billy Gates and Stevie Jobs

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6.Money that a company gives you for pay is called a salary or __________________.
8.A oerson who leaves high school or college without finishing their classes. They do not get a diploma.
9.The "details" of software that make if different from other software are called _______________.
10.A very serious problem in business, in society, in emotional life, or in politics.
11.When a task or a job is difficult and continues for a very long time it seems to be ________________.
12.Someone who comes out on top in a competition is the _________________.
1.The increased use of computers to control all aspects of production in industry is part of the ___________________. (Two words, no space, no hyphen)
2.Information that is factual and true is ___________________.
3.Someone who has an unusual style (of dress, of make-up, etc.) or sometimes says unique things.
4.Money that a court gives to a person or a company. For example, Apple wanted Samsung to pay $2.2B in ________________.
5.A person who understands opportunities or changes before most other people is a ________________.
7.When a person has a patent and you copy it, the crime is called ___________________.

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