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Colorado Mining


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3.Mining that involves cutting massive chunks from vast mineral deposits in mountains:
4.Parcel of land a miner had to stake and record:
7.Mining that involves the use of a pan and a stream bed:
8.Gold that does not require milling:
9.Occupational hazard for Colorado miners:
10.Gold that originates deep in the earth can be found in these:
11.Mining that incorporates the use of dynamite and pneumatic air drills:
16.Arguably the most important person in a mining camp:
19.Problem that would immediately close down a mine:
20.Device used to transport ore from the mine to the mill:
21.Nickname for a pre-1896 pneumatic air drill:
24.Mining that utilizes water, pressure and monitors to blast hill sides:
25.Animal that hauled ore carts to the surface of Colorado's mines:
27.This process involves the natural oxidation of sulfide minerals in streams:
28.Colorado mineral utilized in the production of nuclear weapons:
29.A vertical excavation into the surface of the earth:
31.Also known as miner's consumption:
32.Average daily wage for an 1800s Colorado miner:
33.Mining camp where Horace Tabor made his fortune:
1.Fool's gold:
2.Mining that incorporates the use of wooden boxes to recover gold in or near streams:
5.Mining that incorporated a ship-like structure to remove minerals from ancient river beds:
6.Colorado holds the world's largest deposit of this mineral:
10.Colorado gold rush motto:
12.A miner's underground potty:
13.Mining community that has produced over half of Colorado's gold:
14.The theft of gold ore by miners:
15.Chemical utilized to seperate ore from minerals in the milling process:
17.Mining that utilizes chemicals in order to free gold from old mine tailings:
18.The largest environmental problem facing Colorado's mining industry today:
22.Deadly gas found in coal mines:
23.Professional who would test ore samples in order to determine mineral value:
26.Host rock that holds vast amounts of gold and silver:
29.Mining that requires the removal of overlying soil to reach the minerals below:
30.Year of the Colorado gold rush:

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