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India Crossword Puzzle

Anthony Hajdar

1 2 3
4       5
6                         7          
11         12                      
  13 14                      
15                     16
17               18          

6.the process of rebirth.
7.mixture of two or more metals.
9.seized control of the entire northern part of India.
10.injecting a person with a small dose of a virus to help lim or her build up defense to a disease.
11.the effects the or bad actions have on a person's soul.
12.the science of working with metals.
14.is a large landmass that is smaller than a continent.
15.the avoidance of violent action.
17.a religion based on the teachings of the Buddha.
18.the Enlightened One.
20.Gupta society reached its high point during his rule.
21.based on the teachings of a man named Mahavira.
22.divided India society into groups based on a person's birth wealth or occupation.
23.going without food.
1.a state of perfect peace.
2.the very numbers we use today.
3.was a strong ruler, was strongest of all the Mauryan Emperors.
4.people who work to spread their religious beliefs.
5.the study of stars and planet.
8.the most important language of Ancient India.
13.the largest religion in India today.
16.the focusing of the mind on spiritual ideas .
19.seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry season.

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