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Sarah Covarrubias

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6.Pg 786 Warm-blooded
8.Pg 788 A mammal who completes its development inside the mother such as horses and humans is called:
10.Pg 786 The ____________________ system is made up of the lungs and many other organs and allows mammals to breathe
12.Pg 790 Bats and Dolphins use sound echoes to "see" their prey or obstacles. This process is called:
15.Pg 788 ___________________ glands are found on a mother's chest or abdomen and produce milk for her babies
17.Pg 787 The large, flat teeth found towards the back of the mouth are called: ____________________
18.Pg 785 Cats and dogs use their _________________ to sense their environment
1.Pg 796 Mammals that have been kept and bred by people for special services are called:
2.Pg 787 The sharp teeth on the sides of the incisors are called: _____________________
3.Pg 786 The ____________________ system consists of the heart and blood vessels and pumps blood and oxygen to the body
4.Pg 791, Figure 6 An example of a monotreme is the:
5.Pg 792, Figure 7 An example of a marsupial is the:
7.Pg 788 A mammal who keeps her babies in her pouch for several weeks is called a:
9.Pg 788 A mammal that lays eggs; example: platypus
11.Pg 787 The front teeth of a mammal are called: ______________________
13.Pg 785 Mammals have this on their bodies to provide insulation (warmth) and often camoflauge
14.Pg 785 A small mammal that rules the night sky is the ________.
16.Pg 785 The largest mammal on the planet is the blue _______________.

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