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Trip to the Windows App Atore

Scott Feda

Windows 8.1 App Store vocab.

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1.Financial and enterprise apps require this capability to access software and hardware certificates, such as certificates stored on a smartcard and used for authentication.
4.Windows 8.1 brought back this beloved Icon
5.Use this capability for apps that require programmatic access to the user’s Documents library, rather than allowing access to that library using the file-picker control
6.Using the _______ allows you to share information between Windows Store apps
9.Every app has an application tile, which can be programmed to update dynamically,
10.During the certification and review process, Microsoft performs _____ to verify that the app is not malicious.
11.Some apps (music players and apps that need to download files in the background, for example) can be configured for ____
12.line-of-business (LOB) apps available to users inside their organization are installed by
15.By default, apps in Windows 8.1 ______, with no user intervention required.
16.To build apps for Windows 8.1, you must use____2013 running on Windows 8.1
2.This capability allows the use of Windows credentials for access to a corporate intranet and is typically used in LOB apps that connect to servers within an enterprise
3.Examines apps for use of outdated or prerelease components known to have security vulnerabilities
5.When an app is approved, Microsoft __________ the app to prevent tampering, and then it publishes the app to the Windows Store.
7.The _____ of a Windows Store app can be adjusted, allowing two or more apps to be arranged side by side
8.Devices powered by Windows RT 8.1 can run most Windows Store apps but are
13.Apps must adhere to a strict set of_____that prevent them from directly accessing
14.a code name for the prerelease Windows 8 product

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