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The American Political System


1 2
3 4   5    
6           7     8 9
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5.Number of major parties that control the American political sytem:
6.Symbol used to identify the Democratic Party:
10.Avenue for which Americans can participate in politics:
12.The act of demonstrating loyalty by voting along party lines during elections:
15.Process by which political culture is transmitted in a given society:
16.Effect of the power struggle between competing political parties in Washington:
19.A lobbyists most important resource:
21.Attitudes that large numbers of Americans have about government and politics:
23.Type of party that can steal votes away from the major political parties during elections:
24.A political party's statement of its basic principles:
25.Resource that minor parties lack in the American political system:
26.A group of people who seek to control the government:
27.Requirement for voting in most U.S. states:
28.The practice of interest groups trying to influence governmental decisions:
29.Body that holds all federal elections in the American political system:
1.Factions who support political candidates through campaign contributions:
2.The belief that the governement should provide the people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals:
3.Current federal campaign issue:
4.A public endorsement by a celebrity:
7.A survey that collects data from the public in universal or random settings:
8.The internet is an example of this:
9.Important communication tool for political candidates:
11.The act of appointing people to government positions in return for political favors:
13.An election in which only party members can vote:
14.Tireless act performed by members of political parties in America:
17.A major influence that can direct a person to join a particular political party:
18.A voter who positions his/herself in the middle of the political spectrum:
20.Primary goal of a political party:
22.The belief that government action is necessary to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all:
24.It is illegal to charge this as a result of the 24th Amendment:

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