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weather vocab

alexis baker

1 2 3
4                           5
      12 13   14
  19                         20    

4.When gas cools and turns into A cloud
6.CarriLarge air mass by Canada and Alaska bring this bitter cold weather with low humidity bring the clear cold and dry aires air masses goes west to east 10 kilometers above Earth's surface in prevailing westerlies
7.Forms most over Dry area in the winter small areas very hot and dry
8.Warm air masses form have low air pressure
9.Summer brings hot humid weather winter humid brings the rain or snow very wet and moist
10.A sudden spark or electrical discharge
11.Front equals mass is not mixing easily boundary storms and changeable weather occurs here
15.Forms over oceans
18.When water turns into a gas
19.When a warm front and cold front meet but dont move
21.Bring the clouds and precipitation fast warm air moves over cold air
22.When water on plants evaporate
23.A huge body of air that has similar temperatures humidity and air pressure at any given time
24.An overflow of water in a river or bank
1.Cool humid brings cold foggy and rainy weather affects West Coast more than East Coast
2.Pushes air mass west to east brings low clouds and showers
3.The center of a tornado
5.When the clouds get too heavy from water and start falling to the ground
7.Large air mass by Canada and Alaska brings bitter cold weather with low humidity brings clear cold and dry air
12.Moves quickly leaves cold dry and clear skies
13.When a warm mass is in between two cold masses
14.a violent disturbance in the atmosphere
16.Cold air masses north of 50 degrees north latitude and 50 degrees south latitude
17.Forms over lands
20.The warm air mass is cut off from the ground

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