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Ecosystem Ecology


AP Bio Review Game 2014

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7.An underwater landmass that extends from a continent, resulting in an area of relatively shallow water known as the ____ shelf
8.A type of symbiosis that benefits one of the species but neither harms nor helps the either
9.When a community arises in a lifeless area that has no soil (2 Words)
14.Where the land meets the ocean; _____Zone
16.It turns solid nitrogen back to gaseous form
17.A major regional or global biotic community characterized mainly by the dominant forms of plant life and the prevailing climate
19.Organisms that obtain chemical energy by feeding on the producers or on other ____s
20.Organism that is not as abundant, but holds important ecological niches (2 Words)
24.Process that turns ammonium into solids usable by plants
26.Process that turns nitrogen gas into ammonium (2 Words)
28.An area of dry land that is covered with bushes and short trees
29.Habitat flooded with water at least some of the time
31.The global ecosystem which encompasses all living things in the lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere and is characterized by patchiness
32.A still body of water that is smaller than a lake
33.Organisims that produce their own food
1.Environmental factors arising from organisms that may shape or affect the biosphere; ____ factors
2.Change that follows when a disturbance damages an existing community but leaves the soil intact (2 Words)
3.Large and still bodies of water
4.The scientific study of interactions between organisms and their environment
5.Forests that mainly contain large trees with broad leaves that fall off in autumn (2 Words)
6.A transition area that is formed when a freshwater river meets the ocean
10.Symbiosis in which one species benefits and one is harmed
11.Fast moving freshwater biome; _____/stream
12.When one species kills and eats the other
13.nutrient cycles consisting of biotic and abiotic components; ______ cycles
15.Moist subarctic forests dominated by conifers that begin where the tundra ends
16.Fungi and bacteria that complete the breakdown process by recycling the nutrients like dead tissues and wastes back into the ecosystem
18.What biome is characterized by grasslands with small trees located primarily near and immediately north and south of the equator
21.The pathway of food transfer from one trophic level to another (2 Words)
22.Symbiosis in which both species benefit
23.Organisms that obtain energy from consuming other organisms
25.Environmental factors that arise from inorganic sources; _____ factors
27.Organisms that become established outside their native range; ______ species
30.Frozen grassland or plain

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